March 15 2020

Family Worship

The Marble Loft (274 Fifth Ave)
Sunday, March 15, 2020
10:00 am – 10:45 am

Rev. Brittany Juliette Hanlin

All invited to join the Children, Youth & Families Ministry in the Marble Loft when both Children’s Choirs will sing and families will participate in the service. Jessica Scovel will be leading the families in a loving-kindness meditation based on a children’s book. The message will be by Rev. Brittany Juliette Hanlin.

WE EXPRESS HEARTFELT APPRECIATION AND GRATITUDE TO JESSICA SCOVEL for the incredible contributions she has made to Marble and our families and children over the last six years as the Director of Children’s Ministry since 2016 and Associate Director before that. Jessica has been a great leader who is creative, intelligent and absolutely loves children and their spiritual development. She is gracious and thoughtful and developed meaningful relationships with the children, Child Care Providers and parents, and has been a strong and reflective presence on the staff. We wish Jessica all the best as she pursues more direct teaching opportunities. Our prayers will continue to surround and support her.

All-Church Event   Children, Youth, & Families (CYF)