June 22 2020

Marble Summer Arts Festival - Online

Monday, June 22, 2020
6:30 pm – 7:30 pm

This all-church event will feature a full week of various programs featuring music from classical to jazz, dance, film, poetry, plays and fine art including paintings and photography. Building on the success of the past three years. Sponsored by the Arts Ministry.

Visual Artists Bios for Monday, June 22, 2020

Hellen Cha-Kim
Artist Statement:
“I draw every day for the love of people and the love of life.”
The best reward for being an artist is living an exciting life by seeing the world around me more attentively and analytically. I am amazed and become more thankful for the world I have been given. The energy of people in the city has been the source of my works.

I am a graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and studied extensively at the Art Students League in New York City. After teaching Art for many years, I relocated to Jersey City and has become a full-time artist. With a classical art education background, I have focused on oil painting figures including self-portraits. I gradually broadened my interest in the landscape, still life, and watercolors.

During the covid-19 lockdown, I got an unexpected chance to connect with the digital medium, which I have never considered as a serious medium before. Now I am falling in love with it.

Along with my new daily ritual, my morning walk, I capture the beauty of my local neighborhood and people every morning, and I hope these bring joy to myself and other people.


Chris Chalfant
Chris is a composer, musician and multi-genre artist living in New York. She was encouraged by art teachers early in life, winning an honorable mention for a line drawing at age 13. Her art teacher would say that 80% of learning to do art is learning how to see. Chalfant’s studies in learning how to “see” and her connection to nature are the driving force behind her creative work. Most of Chalfant’s professional work has been as a composer, improviser and music educator. You can find her artwork on the original recording “New’d Music” and on the cover of “Books of Unstandards,” a collection of original compositions by Chalfant.

“Choose Beauty” emerged as a coping mechanism to deal with the incredible grief brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic as it found its way to New York. Each day there were sometimes as many as five people I knew if that had passed away from Covid. I took long walks to get away from the isolation and the news. It was overwhelming. This spring was a beautiful year for magnolias which came into bloom as the crisis intensified. I photographed from bud to bloom to decay. Over the course of the spring I continued to document flowers as they emerged from the soil. These are a few if those flowers. Choose beauty. It soothes the soul.

Patrice Donnell
Patrice Donnell is a creative consultant with a portfolio in fine art, event design, and writing. Her commissions in clay and on paper include portraits of people and animals, and illustrations that invite a story. As a liturgical designer, she's created sacred spaces at Marble Church, Auburn Seminary, and Drew University, among others. Patrice’s upcoming novel, Untouched, is a psychological mystery involving a sculptor, her family's devastating secret, and the ultimate grace of forgiveness.

“As an artist I work with sculpture, drawing, printmaking, ritual design, and three-dimensional installations. For me, creativity is like a dance between your imagination and the material you use. Your subject matter is the music you’re dancing to, and if you listen deep enough, you may also hear God telling you the next step. When that happens, your own work can surprise you and become more than you ever imagined.” – Patrice


Karen Harris
Hello everyone. I am Karen Harris, semi-realist visual artist. What you will see are three paintings. Have a look. They will be available for viewing on FB, Instagram and on Marble Church Website starting June 22, 2020.

My three paintings are as follows: "River Pathway" an oil, "Sunshower on Mountain" an acrylic and "Summer Vacation" also an oil. All my works are colorful and painted with shimmering colors having vibrant effects.

I loved painting nature scenes as a young girl. My family lived in a house built by my father. It existed in the woods of Pawling, N.Y. once unknown now a multi-million dollar private residential suburb. I often favor painting nature scenes especially now when the world needs to be uplifted into good moods due to our present reality challenges and living circumstances. "River Pathway" is a beach scene I think you will love; "Sunshower on Mountain" will take your breath away and "Summer Vacation" will inspire you to ask me for directions so I can lead you there! They are the perfect artworks to be displayed in your living-room or entertainment area!

Thank you for viewing my online paintings. For more information about me and to receive purchase information please email me at KarenHarris998@gmail.com.

Leon Nicholas Kalas
Painting to me is a life force not a career. My work consist mostly of figurative and portrait paintings, however, I do experiment in various art movements; pure abstract, abstract expressionism, minimalism, symbolism, and conceptualism. All art movements interest me. I have studied portraiture and human anatomy at the New York academy of Art, the Art Students League of New York, and FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology). My work has been exhibited extensively in New York , Maryland galleries, Rabat, Morocco, Aiud, Rumania, Trinidad, Cuba, and Port Au Prince, Haiti. in June of 2005 one of my paintings was exhibited at the Metropolitan museum of Art in New York. On May of 2011 I was exhibited in Cuba at the invitation of the Ministry of culture. My work is collected throughout the United States, Europe, Morocco, Canada, and the Caribbean. My work is also in the library of Congress, the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, AK, the Ministry of Culture in Bucharest, Romania, the Museul de Art in Cluz-Napoca, Romania, Royal Collection of Morocco, the royal collection of HRH King of Greece, The Historical Society of Hartford County, MD, and Musio National, Los Santos, Panama . I have been published in NYArt magazine, Boheme magazine, Paris, France, Brooklyn Fine Art magazine, A book on CONTEMPORARY PAINTINGS www.blurb.com/b/8452825-contemporary-paintings, JOURNAL OF THE ARTIST www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/2427685: MODERN PAINTINGS www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/2153386, and various newspapers such as Caribbean News, The Brooklyn Eagle and the Brooklyn Currier. I have participated in art camps for cultural exchanges in Morocco, Romania, Cuba and Haiti. Important portraits that I have painted are for actors Sidney Poitier and Tony Curtis, fashion designer Valentino Garavani, US Senator Roland Borris, His Majesty, Mohammed VI King of Morocco, HRH King Constantine of Greece, Fidel Castro of Cuba, Harry Belafonte, Ultra Violet ( Andy Warhol’s Superstar.) and the Minister of Culture,in Port Au Prince, Haiti.


Victoria Pepe
The "Art Inscribe" video was created for the Marble June Arts Festival 2020 to showcase 10 of Victoria's stand-alone Gallery Plexiglas Fine Art pieces. ArtInscrbe is a newly created genre by Victoria Pepe of Pepe LuminSonics(LightSound), which incorporates words into harmonious symbolic geometric shapes. The letters of these words are an integral part of the geometric shapes; the shapes are symbols which also aesthetically enhance the meanings of these powerful words. Looking at the art and finding the words within the art is engaging. The vivid harmonious colors of the art are beautifully enriched by the Gallery Plexiglas Fine Art printed production of each piece. Each piece is hung on a floating mount which gives the art an appearance of floating from the wall.

For this video the words were separated from the photos of each art piece so that they could be viewed independently from the surrounding geometric shapes. The words were animated for your enjoyment; the words then flowed back into the art as it would be seen, hanging on the wall. The words in the pieces are placed in a specific order in the video, so that an uplifting and meaningful story sequence unfolds. Each specific phrase or word within the sequence is also uplifting, and inspirational. Victoria's original music accompanies the movement of the video.

Titles and dimensions:
1 "God's Got This" 19.5"x20"
2 "Miracles" 15"x20.5"
3 "Gratitude" 15"x24"
4 "Hope" 19"x16.5"
5 "Serenity" 11.5"x20"
6 "Free" 20"x18"
7 "Believe" 19"x17"
8 "Peace" 16" x 18.75"
9 "There is a Solution" 16.5"x19.5"
10 "Love" 20"x20"

Several pieces were presented at the Wall of Hope, Inspiration and Healing at Marble Church. The entire series of 22 pieces were featured as a solo exhibit at The Living Room Gallery with Midtown Arts Common and St. Peter's Church.

Victoria is a lifelong multimedia artist. Her work has been exhibited nationwide.

For more about Victoria and her art, music and purchase information, please contact her and visit her website.


Tom Schneider
Tom Schneider is a painter living and working in New York City. He was born in Minnesota where he received his B.S. degree is in art education from St. Cloud State University. He has done post graduate work and received an MFA degree from Pratt Institute as well as an MBA degree from Pace University. Both schools located in New York City. After taking a short break from exhibiting to develop a new body of work Tom Schneider is presently working on exhibiting the new work. Recent solo exhibitions include Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in Chelsea, LaGuardia College Art Gallery, Queens, NY and Monmouth University Art Gallery, West Long Branch, NJ. Group shows include WAH Center Salon Show in Brooklyn, NY. He has also been recognized by Brooklyn curators for the contribution he has made to the Brooklyn art scene. Email: TSchneider@MarbleChurch.org

Abigail Shue
Abigail Shue has been exploring various areas of fiber art for over 20 years. She is a weaver, spinner, crocheter, sewing enthusiast, opera singer, mother of two, and hails from a long line of quilters, sewists, and craftswomen. Abigail holds a Bachelor of Music from George Mason University, two Master of Music degrees from The New England Conservatory, and has studied at Western Theological Seminary.

Artist Statement:
From embracing the beautiful, colorful quilts created by my grandmother to sifting through endless books of designs at the fabric store with my mother, I have always felt a deep connection to community through craft. Fine, intricate crochet was my first love, and the pursuit of perfection that inspires complex lace designs. In an effort to heal following a personal loss and the chaos of motherhood, however, I found myself drawn to a less rigid style. Choosing free form hand weaving, I found that exploring texture, color, improvisation, and imperfection through meditative weaving awakened a desire to embrace crafting as a way of healing for myself and others. Later I would find joy in handspinning yarn (both producing and teaching the craft) for the same reason – the process is often as therapeutic as the art it creates.

I also view fiber art as a wonderful opportunity to grow in one’s relationship with God. I often approach my creating as a form of spiritual practice - meditating on scripture, sacred writings, and needs both local and global. These thoughts and images guide my work as prayer through fiber.

I am passionate about forming, whenever possible, a connection to origin of the fiber or yarn I use, through farms, spinners, dyers, and occasionally being fortunate enough to meet the animal. Often conversations (and animal personalities!) find their way into my spinning and weaving. I seek to honor family and community through my creations.

“Sarah’s Song” is a free form hand woven tapestry, created using mixed fibers on a floor loom. The art yarn is spun from merino and finnsheep wool, and alpaca fiber, on a single drive castle wheel. abbysfiberart@gmail.com

Joan Silinsh
Joan did not actively pursue photography until her retirement. By contrast, her father, an educator, was an independent film producer documenting the culture of Mexico and screening his films in the United States for ten years.

In her 35-year career with McGraw-Hill (now S& P Global), Joan held various management positions. Her last post was as Director of Advertising & Promotion for two magazines in construction - ENR (Engineering News-Record) and Design-Build. Unfortunately, the position did not involve the taking of photographs.

Joan recently exhibited her photographs at the Center on the Square's Art Exhibit. She previously showed photos at two Greenwich House art competitions, and she participated in last year's Marble Summer Arts Festival. This year some of her work could be seen at Marble's Wall of Hope and Inspiration. She is proud to participate in the 2020 Marble Summer Arts Festival.

Margery Westin
As a teenager it was fun to experiment with an old camera of my Dad’s, creating double-exposure photos. Serving as the candid photographer for the yearbook in high school was also enjoyable.

Photography remained just a hobby until the age of thirty-seven, when I found out I had a 25% chance of losing my remaining 50% of hearing due to Menierre’s Syndrome. With that scary possibility, I became intent on building my photography skills. During work vacations, I would take week-long classes with established professional photographers all over the country, creating images of pets, people or locations and studying composition, lighting, posing and marketing.

When my full-time merchandising position was moved to South Carolina in the late 1990’s, an SBA sponsored class on starting a small business was helpful. I joined the PPA (Professional Photographers of America) and attended monthly meetings of the WPPA (Westchester PPA). Marketing myself for 5 years as a portrait photographer, I specialized in Pets, Children and Families. Six animal publications included my images, as well as a greeting card company.

Now retired, my iPhone is my camera of choice, and my subject is whatever captures my eye. However, four-legged subjects will always be my favorite.

June 22 – Visual Art Gallery
June 23 – Music, Music, Music!
June 24 – Dance during WeWo
June 25 – Prose, Poetry and Spoken Word
June 26 – Special Artists Blessing at 6:30pm

Contact Arts Ministry Coordinator, Mario Sprouse for more information.

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