Our Mission, Vision and Values


Marble Collegiate Church is a diverse, inclusive community of God’s people led by the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. We inspire everyone to become positive thinkers who make a difference in the world.


We envision a world where we all become the individuals God created us to be.


Our core values describe what makes Marble an uplifting and inclusive community of God’s people. We are guided and motivated by the following values:

We believe that God’s love, Christ’s example, and the Spirit’s presence can help us be more than we could be on our own: more authentic, more empowered, more caring, more purposeful, more joyous, and more at peace with others and ourselves.

To become the best that we can be, each of us embarks on a lifelong spiritual journey. Engaging God through prayer and the Bible, we embrace and welcome change within ourselves and in our relationships with God and loved ones.

Everyone’s path of life and faith is unique and sacred. Just as God accepts us where and as we are, so as the people of God we offer that same acceptance to others. Likewise, we find inspiration and meaning in our differences.

Our journeys are deepened through the loving and supportive relationships we form with one another. Knowing that we belong, questions about faith can be lived into safely, passionately, and in the trusted company of fellow travelers who are on their own spiritual journeys.

Giving Back
God is deeply committed to us, and we commit to God by reaching out and helping one another, offering care and compassion to those around us, and contributing our time and our financial support to make a true difference in our neighborhood, city, and world. By doing so, we also transform ourselves.