Welcome to Marble Collegiate Church!

We are glad you are with us! Whether you cross our threshold virtually or in person, we know you will find a place in our embracing community. This is church the way you always hoped it could be.

Please take a moment to read the following about who we are, what we believe and what you can expect at Marble Collegiate Church. Continue on this page to find out more about this unique church, and also read our Mission, Vision and Values statements.

Who are we at Marble Collegiate Church?

Marble Collegiate Church is a diverse, inclusive community of God’s people led by the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. We inspire everyone to become positive thinkers who make a difference in the world.

We are a community of people on a shared journey of life and faith. We are committed to inclusivity, to being a place of welcome, safety, love, and respect for people of every age, station in life, economic status, color, sexual orientation, or category the world constructs to segregate or alienate people from each other. In this place, we celebrate that we are all children of the same God and thus are siblings to each other.

We believe God’s nature is revealed in many ways, but especially through the life and teachings of Jesus. We believe God’s love and Christ’s example can help us be more than we can be on our own: more authentic, empowered, caring, purposeful, fulfilled, at peace, and joy-filled.

We believe we are called to serve God’s world. Through worship, study, fellowship, and small groups, we help one another grow into who God created us to be. Through mission, outreach, and acts of love we answer God’s call to make life brighter and better for all people. Our faith is the source of our positive thinking about God, ourselves, and our uncompromising hope that the world can become what God created it to be.


Marble Collegiate Church’s denominational affiliations are with The Reformed Church in America and The United Church of Christ. One of the oldest places of worship of the Collegiate Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of the City of New York and part of the oldest Protestant organization in North America with continuous service. It was organized in 1628 under the Dutch West India Company during Peter Minuit’s Governorship of New Amsterdam. In fact, Minuit was appointed an Elder of the church by our first minister, Jonas Michaelius. Please visit our History page for a complete timeline and fascinating look at Marble’s place in history.

Present Day

Today Marble Collegiate Church is a vibrant place of fellowship and deep belonging where the teachings of Jesus Christ and the power of positive thinking are interpreted through the dynamic leadership of Dr. Michael Bos for all to realize that they were made for more and become their best selves. The contemporary insights of Dr. Bos, along with the message of former Senior Ministers, Dr. Michael B. Brown, Dr. Arthur Caliandro and Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, who wrote The Power of Positive Thinking during his time here, make the theological understanding of the mission of the church relevant to today’s world. Here all persons are loved as sacred sons and daughters of God, and are openly included at Marble regardless of race, sexual orientation or background. Change and growth are primary at Marble -- growing in relation to God, and in one's personal life, relationships and calling.

Our Beliefs
Marble Church proclaims faith in one God as expressed through the Holy Trinity; God the creator, the person of Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. We believe the Bible to be a unique and authoritative account of God's work in the world and interaction with humanity. The Bible is not to be interpreted literally, but is a guide for faith that yields insights and new life each day. We encourage members to read and interpret the Scriptures for themselves, to discuss their meaning together, and to pose questions in a safe and sacred space to do so. Marble Church recognizes two Sacraments: Baptism and Communion. Baptism is performed for infants, children, and unbaptized adult new members and symbolizes the person's welcome into the family of God. Holy Communion is the joyful feast of the people of God, remembering Christ's total and unconditional love for us and our fellowship and reconciliation with Him.

Sunday Worship at 11:00am is the heart of the Marble Church community where we gather to sing, pray, and be changed by an encounter with God. Our beautiful and historic Sanctuary is the setting where so many are lifted, either in person, or via live-streaming, through our joyful music, the inspiring sermons of our ministers, or sitting together in silent prayer. Marble is known throughout the world for the practical, powerful, life-changing messages that are preached on Sundays. If you've never been to Sunday Worship at Marble, join us -- you will be transformed by the Spirit in this special place! (Childcare, assistive listening system, and handicap accessibility are available for Sunday service.)

And Marble has more ways for you to Worship:

  • #WeWo: Wednesday Worship: 6:15pm on Wednesdays in the Marble Loft (next door at 274 Fifth Avenue).
  • Live Stream: If you can’t join us in person, our Sunday service is live streamed every Sunday morning, and can also be accessed anytime through our archives, or on the Marble app.

New to Marble?

Please stop by our Welcome Center to be greeted, enjoy a cup of coffee, and learn more about our faith community. First-time visitors will receive a welcome bag.

Our Welcome Center is available every Sunday after Worship at 12:15pm during Coffee Hour, usually in the Marble Loft, next door at 274 Fifth Avenue, and also after #WeWo: Wednesday Worship at 7:15pm.


Please contact, Programs@MarbleChurch.org for any questions.

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