Our Pipe Organ Project

Generous bequests from long-time Marble Board members, Dwight D. Rangeler and Susan L. Fischer, provided substantial seed money that allowed Marble to move forward with the project.

With a new, technologically state-of-the-art pipe organ, we have a fuller, warmer sound, and richer tone. Many of our old pipes were “revoiced” to create an improved tone, and the addition of pipes created a surround-sound feel by adding a new division to the front of the church, behind the Chancel screens. Two beautiful new organ cases flank the Chancel, reflecting our historic architecture. Each pipe in the new organ cases “speaks” – no more façade pipes taking up space while making no sound. The organ chamber, which sits in the Bell Tower, has been significantly enlarged, housing the majority of Marble’s 95 ranks of pipes. A new, elegantly crafted and state-of-the-art 4-manual console serves as the centerpiece of the choir loft (see architect renderings at bottom of page). And along with the grand new sound, the persistent problems of the past, which required frequent, costly repairs, are no more.

Find many more details on the Marble Pipe Organ Project, along with words from Dr. Michael Brown, Senior Minister, and Kenneth Dake, Music Director, in the downloadable brochure on this page. There you will also find a timeline of the project and a history of the organs here at Marble Collegiate Church.

Kenneth Dake has also written an illuminating blog complete with audio samples, fascinating details, and a unique perspective only he can bring to the project. At the American Guild of Organists, you can learn more about the history of our organs at Marble Collegiate Church.

Above are architect renderings of the proposed final design. These show potentially how our Sanctuary spaces will change with the new pipe organ in place.

“God gave us music that we might pray without words.” Nowhere is this truer than here at Marble Collegiate Church. Music is an integral part of Worship in our church, and we are blessed with the joyous and moving sounds of it each Sunday. The music at Marble brings our faith community nearer to God.

Sebastian Glück and team.

May 2015 Update

The new pipe organ arrives!

Our Pipe Organ

Designed and voiced by Sebastian M. Glück, our new pipe organ will encircle the listener in a manner both heard and felt. Marble’s organ has nearly 6,500 pipes spread over 7 divisions - including three that are enclosed. An elegantly-crafted and technologically advanced four–manual console sits in the East choir gallery and commands 101 ranks of pipes. The organ’s orchestral effects and daring musical gestures were designed to perform the great concert literature, lead dynamic public worship, and provide refined accompaniment to Marble’s esteemed choirs under the direction of Kenneth V. Dake.
(For full organ specifications)

“Music is, without question, an integral part of my experience of worshiping at Marble. It is the music that quickly centers, softens, and then opens my heart to fully receive the rich food of God’s Word. Sufficiently fed, I can go out into the world to live the Word.”
- Guirlaine Belizaire, Marble Member

"Don’t wait! Consider designating a bequest for the Pipe Organ Project and enjoy your generous legacy now!"
- Win Jackson, The Marble Pipe Organ Project Steering Group, Elder and Churchmaster

“The organ is like an endowment, only better! It is a gift to future generations, but even better because it is a gift of MINISTRY to future generations. To neglect the organ would be to leave a burden to the next generation. A new organ is a gift of ministry from this generation to the next.”
- Sheila Moses, Elder and Marble Member