Gratitude Sunday

We offer our gratitude to God for so many blessings. We celebrate our beautiful new church spaces, our staff, each other, and all our blessings.

Dear Marble Family Member,

Wherever you are on your faith journey and wherever you may reside, we pray all is well for you and God’s grace shines upon you.

Marble is in our annual season of gratitude for God’s many blessings. It is a time for us to reflect on the place of giving in our lives and to ask for your financial support. On November 13, the season culminates in a joyous service, and an online and in-person celebration.

Marble is on an exciting path of change that has energized the congregation in miraculous ways. We offer our gratitude to God for so many blessings including Marble’s:

  • Sanctuary: a safe, welcoming, and affirming space to worship,
  • Volunteer greeters, ushers, lay scripture readers, camera operators and videographers, lay leaders, ministry members and so many others who make Marble our special family,
  • Music: beautiful, inspiring music from the hands of our organist, the souls of our instrumentalists, and the voices of our choirs,
  • Ministers called to lead and comfort in unforeseen ways in this extraordinary time,
  • Staff members who don’t just work tirelessly for Marble, they live Marble,
  • Congregation that extends across the world and generously shares its time, talent, and treasure,
  • Lenten blog that touched more than 10 million viewers this year,
  • Ministries that tend to all those in need,
  • Strategic Plan created by all of us to lay the foundation for Marble’s bright future building God’s kingdom.

All of this and much more has been accomplished in the face of our stark new financial reality, which we previously communicated in our Annual Report, Letter on the 2023 Budget and Strategic Plan. The reality is that our church no longer benefits from any cash contribution from the Collegiate Corporation. Two years ago, we received $2.8 million to help pay our bills. This year we received zero.

The good news: Marble Collegiate Church is financially strong. We will continue to thrive, but we need to be transparent about what is necessary for that to continue. Church leadership is committed to prudently managing the congregation’s financial resources and annual budget, and the congregation is being asked to increase its financial support.

The congregation’s financial support has been generous and strong – last year more than 800 of us contributed almost $1.6 million to help the church meet its operating expenses. This year’s goal for congregant giving is $1.8 million, a 12.5% increase over last year.

What does this mean for each of us?

  • For those unable to offer an increase in annual giving: Thank you. Please know that your gift is cherished. Every dollar is important and appreciated.
  • For those who are financially able to increase your annual giving: Thank you. Your increased support is critically important and appreciated. Marble needs your help now.

We ask that you prayerfully consider how you will give of your time, talent, and treasure to support Marble’s ministry in this troubled world. Marble offers the healing, hope, care, and community so many seek.

Gratitude Sunday will be a joyful gathering as we will celebrate our beautiful new church spaces, our staff, each other, and all our blessings, including the congregation’s generous financial support.

Please register if you plan to attend online or in person. For those online, we’ll have a Zoom link and will mail you the special Gratitude Sunday 2022 bookmark that those in person will receive. If you are planning to be in person, please register so we can plan accordingly for food and beverages.

Finally, please reflect on these words from 1 Thessalonians 5:18 as you pray for God’s guidance during this season we call “Simply Gratitude”:

Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

With much love and gratitude for your prayers and support of our beloved Marble Collegiate Church,

Gratitude Sunday Committee
Dr. Michael Bos, Senior Minister
Rev. Susanah Wade, Co-Chair, Gratitude Sunday Committee
John Hupalo, Co-Chair, Gratitude Sunday Committee
Jenny Chan
Richard Davis
Clay Hale
Karla Hendrick
Monique McKenzie
Michelle McSween
Al Minderman
Christina Morano Keiser
Larry Schafer
Stan Williams

Here's How to Give

  • Give Online
  • Bring the “Expected 2023 Annual Giving” card to Gratitude Sunday, November 13
  • Mail the “Expected 2023 Annual Giving” card to Marble
  • To contribute your time, reach out to ministry leaders to see how you can be of service. If you need guidance, please contact Kim Sebastian-Ryan and she can help connect you.

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